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About Harbor Foundation

The Harbor Foundation was established in 2006 to assist with providing hospice education to the community. Since then, the Foundation has grown exponentially. Through the raising of funds, increasing donations, and an emerging presence, Harbor Foundation is able to help meet the financial, physical and emotional needs of our families.

What started as a response to a need for hospice education has evolved into a flourishing non-profit organization. With educational and fundraising events occurring across the country, the Foundation continues to grow. The Foundation is also growing in response to what their families need during this delicate period of their lives.

Harbor Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for patients with life-limiting illnesses by raising funds to provide assistance outside the scope of health care, to promote education for patients, families and our community, to assist bereaved family members, and other charitable acts as approved by the Board of Directors.

Assistance will not be provided from the Foundation directly to hospice patients but instead through local charities that can apply for a grant. click here. Applicants for Foundation funds will be directed to the local charities.

In order to meet our mission, Harbor Foundation is funded through event fundraisers, individual contributors, corporate donations, and grants. For more information about how to donate to the Harbor Foundation, click here. The Annual Butterfly Release and the Dinner for Life are two of the Foundation’s largest fundraising events.